What is the InsurTechConnectHub?

The Global Insurance industry is going through the biggest change in its history and that change is being predominately driven by InsurTech start-ups from around the world.

With new InsurTech start-ups being created on a daily basis how do does the insurance industry keep track of what they are all doing, How do the start-ups identify which insurance companies they should be talking to and where and if you are an investor how do you identify which interesting start-ups you should be talking to.

InsurTechConnectHub is the one place where we bring the InsurTech eco-system together.

What's in it for me?

InsurTech Start-up’s

If you are passionate about building a business that will evolve, disrupt or revolutionise the insurance world then make sure your start-up is listed here. The InsurTechConnectHub is designed to help connect start-ups with those departments and individuals in the insurance industry that are interested in talking to you. Click here to learn more

Insurance Companies

If you are interested in finding out which InsurTechs globally are creating propositions that could evolve, disrupt or revolutionise your world you need to use InsurTechConnectHub as your radar screen. Continuously updated you can follow those start-ups of most interest or relevance to you and your business. Click here to learn more

Investment Community

Interested in investing into the hottest market around currently? Want to know which start-ups may be potential competitors to your portfolio companies? Or just want to identify companies that may be worth talking to? You need access to the InsurTechConnectHub database.
Click here to learn more